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balanced rig

The "Balanced Rig™" is a patented system for rigging sailboats. It is unique in that it combines much of the latest thinking in sailing concepts. First, it is freestanding – meaning there are no wires supporting the mast, it is supported at its step and at the deck. The mast rotates with bearings at the deck and step at the bottom of the mast. Second, it is balanced. This means that the jib and main balance each other. The pressure from the main is offset by the pressure from the jib – reducing the effort needed to sheet in the sails. The jib is designed to be self tacking, reducing the effort needed to tack the sailboat.

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Peter Van Estrup was the designer, inventor, and discoverer of the patented Balanced Rig™. Like most people, he was looking for an easier way to do something. Over time he arrived at the elements of this rigging system. Prototypes of this rig in various sail plans were built and tested. The advantages of this type of rig warranted the efforts of applying for a patent. It was granted by the U.S. patent office under patent number 4911093.


The Balanced Rig™ can be useful to both beginning and advanced sailors. It also has applications for cruising and for high performance sailing.


Yes, its unique system can make sailing easier for beginners, and also has potential for high-performance applications for professional sailors.


Your local mast builder can build a rig to match the specifications of our patented rigging system. Our company solely licenses the use of our patented design; we do not manufacture masts.


On the rigs that we have built, we have found that a Balanced Rig can be built at a simliar cost to custom traditional rigs. In the future, as more Balanced Rigs are produced, we feel the cost will go down.


The Balanced Rig™ is well suited for any size boat from a wind surfer to a 100 ft. yacht.

Like traditional rigs, you have the option of using aluminum or carbon fiber constructions. Carbon fiber allows you to enjoy the benefits of equal strength, but less weight.

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Yes, there is the Aero Rig, produced by Carbospars. They have a fairly large production history with many successful new yachts using a similar balanced rig. The Balanced Rig™ differs from the Aero Rig in that it incorporates endplates at the top and bottom of the rig. These endplates serve to guide the wind over the powering part of the sail, increasing power and lowering the center of effort.


If you like to sail, you will like sailing with the Balanced Rig. It is fun and easy. If you don't have a large crew available, or don't want to sail with a large crew, then the Balanced Rig is the perfect solution. If you want to reduce your mast height, the Balanced Rig allows you to have the same sail area with a lower mast height.